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January 1, 2016 / alancads

Instalando VirtualBox no ArchLinux

$ sudo pacman -Syu

$ uname -r


$ sudo pacman -S virtualbox

resolvendo dependências…

:: Existem 12 provedores disponíveis para virtualbox-host-modules:
:: Repositório extra

01) linux310-virtualbox-host-modules
02) linux312-virtualbox-host-modules
03) linux313-virtualbox-host-modules
04) linux314-virtualbox-host-modules
05) linux316-virtualbox-host-modules
06) linux318-virtualbox-host-modules
07) linux319-virtualbox-host-modules
08) linux41-virtualbox-host-modules
09) linux42-virtualbox-host-modules
10) linux43-virtualbox-host-modules
11) linux44-virtualbox-host-modules

:: Repositório community

12) virtualbox-host-dkms

Digite um número (padrão=1): 10

procurando por pacotes conflitantes…

Pacotes (2) linux43-virtualbox-host-modules-5.0.12-1  virtualbox-5.0.12-1

Tamanho total instalado:  87,08 MiB

Dependências opcionais para virtualbox

qt4: GUI support [instalado]
vde2: Virtual Distributed Ethernet support
virtualbox-guest-iso: Guest Additions CD image
virtualbox-ext-vnc: VNC server support
virtualbox-sdk: Developer kit
virtualbox-host-dkms: Build kernel modules with DKMS
net-tools: Host-only or bridged networking support [instalado]

$ sudo modprobe vboxdrv

$ sudo gpasswd -a $USER vboxusers

$ yaourt -S virtualbox-ext-oracle

$ sudo reboot


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