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December 5, 2012 / alancads

ESSPEE-R2 Penetration Testing & Forensics


ESSPEE is a derivetive of Back | Track 5, based on Ubuntu 12.04. Designed for users who wish to use only free software. It is packed with featured security tools with stable configurations. This version consolidates the Unity desktop interface; a brand new way to find and manage your applications.

Thanks to Back Track, Blackbuntu, CAINE and DEFT for inspiration.

Being a sole developer to this distro, I wish it could help Open Source community with a better interface for Penetration testing and Forensics. I really enjoyed my work for last six months.

Please let me know about bugs and if possible provide solution also.

So finally, “This is the season of roses and wine, this moment is yours….Just live it up !!!”

Features –

  • A Perfect Forensics Mode – Read-Only Mount
  • A Perfect Stealth Mode – Networking Disabled
  • Latest kernel with aufs support (Kernel 3.6.2)
  • Ruby 1.9.3 p194 – The Latest Available Ruby
  • OSSEC – Open Source Host-based Intrusion Detection System
  • Support all kind of Desktop Environments (Gnome, Unity, Gnome-Fallback)
  • Gnome-Pie – A glimpse of all your favourite applications at single click
  • Suricata – Open Source Next Generation Intrusion Detection and Prevention Engine.
  • Snorby – Ruby on Rails application for network security monitoring (Web Interface).
  • Meld – A visual diff and merge tool for compare files and directories
  • MySQL Workbench – A visual database design tool to manage MySQL database
  • OSSEC – Open Source Host-based Intrusion Detection System
  • Net Activity Viewer – A graphical network connections viewer for Linux
  • LOIQ – Open source network stress testing & denial-of-service attack application.
  • Guymager – Forensics imaging tool (GUI)
  • Ostinato – Open-source network packet crafter/traffic generator and analyzer
  • FSlint – Find and clean various unwanted extraneous files on a computer file system
  • Areca Backup – Open-source, easy to use and reliable backup solution for Linux
  • DocFetcher Text Search – Search Words within The Documents
  • Virtualbox – Create your own virtual lab
  • Nemiver – A standalone graphical C and C++ debugger
  • Anonymity – Tor network, i2p network etc…. and many more …….
Changelog  ESSPEE-R2 x86 updated on 25-10-2012
Software added:
1.    VirtualBox 4.2
2.    Ostinato – Network packet crafter/traffic generator and analyzer
3.    Suricata IDS/IPS
4.    Snorby – Web UI for Suricata log analysis
5.    Kernel 3.6.2 – Compiled especially for multi core CPUs
6.    BlackBerry Backup Analyzer
7.   iPhone Backup Analyzer
8.    Dhash GUI – Forensics Imaging Tool by DEFT
9.    FileInfo GUI – File analysis script with Right Click on a file (PDF analysis featured)
10.   Sqlite Database Browser – GUI
11.   I2P – Anonymous network
12.   BlueWho – Information & notification about new discovered bluetooth device
13.   KVirusTotal – Online suspecious file analysis API
14.   JNetMap port scanner based on java
15.   ASEF – Android Security Evaluation Framework
16.   Remotescript – Execute scripts on multiple remote hosts simultaneously via ssh
17.   Mobius Forensics Toolkit
18.   Scalpel & Foremost GUI – File carving tools
19.   QKismet – Kismet GUI
20.   Bannergrab
Software removed:
1.    VMware Player 4.0.4 with complete vmware tools
2. Webmin


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