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October 27, 2012 / alancads

CAINE – Computer Aided INvestigative Environment

Is an Italian live distribution created as a project of digital forensics, based in Ubuntu 12.04.

Features: Kernel 3.2.0-31, MATE 1.4 + LightDM, iphonebackupanalyzer, exiftool phil harvey, tcpflow, tshark, john, wireshark, firefox, vinetto, mdbtool, gdisk, LVM2, tcpdump, Mobius, QuickHash, SQLiteBrowser, FRED, docanalyzer, nerohistanalyzer, knowmetanalyzer, PEFrame, grokEVT, zenmap (nmap), blackberry tools, IDevice tools


MD5: $ md5sum caine3.0.iso
b252a97be725036f8a39c0bf3542afac caine3.0.iso



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